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LingvoSoft Eastern European Pack for Windows

Price: $199.95

In this anthology we brought together the whole inventory of Windows software titles for all the East European languages we could find in our catalogue. Together, these applications are the perfect means to communicate with virtually anyone in or from Eastern Europe in a most straightforward and productive fashion.

A great number of bidirectional and multilingual dictionaries and speech-enabled translation applications are included. Our talking and non-talking programs will turn your PC into a virtual language assistant or consultant. You will be fully prepared to understand as well as to explain yourself when dealing with languages of Central or Eastern Europe.

All these applications purchased separately will cost far more than this reasonably priced Software Collection.

Price: $199.95

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LingvoSoft Russian Software Pack for Windows

Price: $159.95

All LingvoSoft Windows applications featuring the Russian language are assembled in the LingvoSoft Russian Software Pack. This versatile collection answers the needs of many kinds of users: businesspeople dealing with Russian native speakers, frequent travelers to Russian-speaking countries, and foreign language students.

This valuable compilation includes bidirectional and multilingual dictionaries with extensive vocabularies and speech-enabled translation applications. Our talking and non-talking programs, delivering instant translations and offering quick and easy search functions, turn your PC into a virtual language and communication assistant.

All these applications purchased separately will cost more than this reasonably priced Software Pack.

Price: $159.95

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