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You can see all Thai software dictionaries & translators here.


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Buy the Cyberdict VIII now and get the multilingual Universal Translator ML320 (a $100 value) for free!

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Thai <-> English <- Chinese Handheld Talking Dictionary CyberDict VIII

Price: $469.95

Category: Talking dictionary
Language pair: English<->Thai, Chinese->English, English->Chinese
Vocabulary: over 5,000,000 words
Battery Type: Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery
PC connection Yes

This is the first handheld talking electronic dictionary offering a video-based English learning course with color multimedia ever! With 11 included dictionaries, English and Thai voice output via the VoxWare protocol it also features loads of other useful and important language learning features. Powerful search functions include smart input methods, adjustable text display parameters, and cross-referencing and wild card searches. It also supports the recognition of handwriting in Thai, Chinese and English! The voice recording function, MP3 player, exercises and sample tests make this an incredibly smart and effective language learning tool!

Extensive learning

  • Dictionary databases: English-Thai, Thai-English, Thai-Thai, Longman Dictionary of American English, Oxford English-English and English-Chinese dictionaries, Besta's Chinese-English (featuring 6 Chinese input methods), Chinese-Chinese (The Contemporary Chinese Dictionary' licensed by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences), Idioms and Phrases, Besta's Animated and Besta's Illustrated, Dr Wit's Dictionary on 7 Professional topics
  • TOEFL exercises and an English Proficiency Test (6 tests installed and the option to download more!)
  • Listen and Repeat practice
  • Animated grammar and an Interactive English section
  • Travel dialogues
  • A list of English names
  • English sentence exercises
  • Video English Learning and more up for downloading!

Multifunctional extras

  • Paintbrush drawing
  • World time, Schedule, To Do List, Note Taker, Paintbrush, Picture storage, Text Viewer
  • 13 Fun Color Games
  • Digital Voice Recorder
  • Smart Media Card Slot (optional memory extension card)
  • Color/Backlight LCD
  • All menus in English'Thai
  • MP3 player
  • Color Album
  • Calculator, option to download such Mathematical Titles as Statistical Calculator, Formula Calculator, Graphic Calculator and Scientific Calculator

The User's Manual is available in English and Thai.

Price: $469.95

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Thai <-> English <- Chinese Talking Dictionary CyberDict VII

Price: $389.95

Category: Talking dictionary
Language pair: Thai<->English; English<->Thai; Chinese->English
Vocabulary: over 800,000 words
Size: 6 x 4 x 0.6 in
Weight: 186 g
Battery Type: NiMH/ AAA batteries
PC connection Yes

This trilingual Thai <-> English <-> Chinese talking electronic dictionary is based on the state-of-the-art VoxWare voice synthesis protocol. Containing Longman’s Dictionary of American English it also is able to provide support for 20 cross-search windows and is able to recognize handwriting in each of the three featured languages! This fantastic multidirectional, multilingual device is an invaluable study and reference aid perfect for a wide range of professional and scholastic uses. Please note that the Oxford dictionary translates from Chinese to English only but provides both English and Chinese definitions for better comprehension.

Extensive learning

Flexible and functional in the extreme, this unit contains 12 different dictionaries! Powerful search engines and customization options allow you to find what you need in its extensive database in split-seconds. The pronunciation assistance it offers takes advantage of its voice recording function allowing you to hear how closely you have come to the preferred pronunciation. With information on more than 150 countries, this handheld is also the prefect travel companion. It provides dialogues on 40 topics in 10 languages for just about any situation you might encounter in you travels, and pronounces them in English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. The calculator and currency converter can work out the exchange rate for almost 140 currencies. A unique and valuable asset for students and professionals alike, it will impress even the most discrimination users.

  • Built-in Dr. Wit’s Thai-Thai, Idioms and Phrases, Computer, Internet & IT, Engineering, Management and Legal Dictionaries.
  • Advanced voice synthesis: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean- talking phrasebooks
  • Travel Dialogues on 10 topics, in 10 languages
  • Expanded grammar reference
  • TOEFL exercises and an English Proficiency Test
  • Useful phrases, idioms, colloquial expressions
  • CyberCard Function expands functions and databases of the device
  • Abbreviations Dictionary

Multifunctional extras

  • Paintbrush drawing
  • Note Taker, will store up to 7 records in manuscript
  • Name Card Manager, Memorandum and To Do List functions are available in English and Thai
  • Detailed Information on Thailand Police Stations, Hospitals and Thai Embassies Overseas
  • Telephone Information bank will give you Thai area codes and guidelines to international phone calls.
  • Advanced scheduling functions
  • Scientific calculator, Alarm, Lunar and Solar Calendar, Address Book, Loan, Expense and Investment Management
  • 14 Fun Games
  • Chinese Fortune Teller

    The User’s Manual is available in Thai.

    Price: $389.95

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    Thai <-> English -> Chinese Handheld Talking Dictionary CyberDict IV Plus

    Price: $249.95

    Category: Talking dictionary
    Language pair: Thai<->English, English->Chinese
    English<->Thai, Chinese<->English
    Vocabulary: 500,000 words
    Size: 6 x 4 x 0.6 in
    Weight: 186 g
    Battery Type: AAA batteries
    PC connection Yes

    This is an exceptional talking multidirectional Thai <-> English dictionary with trilingual voice output. Based on the latest voice synthesis it incorporates some of the most advanced technology currently available based on the Bestalker Human Voice protocol. Containing the Longman Dictionary of American English and Oxford English > Chinese dictionaries, this fantastic multilanguage reference handheld is an invaluable learning tool suitable for professionals and students alike.

    Expandable learning

    Containing an astonishing 500,000 entries and 25 dictionaries, this is the most sophisticated device in the CyberDict line and one of the most powerful language solutions available for study and practice anywhere. The Bestalker Human Voice synthesizer assists in memorization and pronunciation and the extensive reference works are an exhaustive resource for even the most demanding of professionals.

    • Advanced trilingual voice synthesis: Chinese, Japanese- voice phrasebooks
    • Thai<->English bidirectional dictionaries
    • Thai->English voice phrasebook including general conversation topics: Air Travel, Hotel and Restaurant, Sightseeing, Entertainment, Communication, etc.
    • TOEFL practice, expanded grammar reference
    • AICC Technology (Advanced Integrated Cross Check)

    Multifunctional extras

    • master scheduling functions and calendars
    • 256 MB memory unit and PC connection capacity
    • scientific calculator, games, alarm, address book, expense management
    • wealth of useful information on Thailand

    Price: $249.95

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    Thai <-> English <-> Thai Talking Dictionary CyberDict III Plus

    Price: $219.95

    Category: Talking dictionary
    Language pair: Thai<->English; English<->Thai, Thai<->Thai
    Vocabulary: 500,000 words
    Size: 6 x 4 x 0.6 in
    Battery Type: AAA batteries
    PC connection Yes

    An outstanding and powerful talking electronic dictionary, the CyberDict III provides you with quick and precise translations and definitions for 500,000 words. Featuring an advanced English voice synthesizer it contains four comprehensive dictionaries supplying you with a wealth of practical and necessary information.

    More than simply an electronic dictionary, it is filled to bursting with a wide range of language building resources that include exercises, sample tests, business and financial tools, travel resources and entertainment options. Below you will find just a few examples of the extensive features contained in this remarkable device.

    English <-> Thai Dictionary & Oxford English Dictionary

      - Wide coverage of English entries
      - Abundant and clear Thai definitions
      - Smart input methods
      - Secondary search: Spellchecking, Nearest Word and Add New Word
      - Up to 20 cross-search windows
      - Great number of sample sentences, phrases and grammar
      - Allows listening in English and Thai
      - Allows saving data for review and self-testing

    Thai <-> English Dictionary

      - Wide coverage of Thai words and phrases
      - Smart input methods
      - Up to 20 cross-search windows
      - Allows listening in Thai and English

    Thai <-> Thai Dictionary

      - Built-in Thai-Thai Dictionary
      - Provides detailed definitions of Thai words and phrases

    Extra dictionaries and reference sources

      - Dictionary of idioms and phrases
      - Computer, Medical, Engineering and Legal Dictionaries
      - Management Science Dictionary
      - Abbreviation and Homonym Dictionaries
      - User's Dictionary

    Language Study Aids

      - English Sentence Exercises: test in 7 user levels
      - Listening and Learning
      - Travel Dialogues: conversation texts in English, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Dutch
      - TOEFL Exam Exercises
      - Revision Dictionary
      - Proverbs, Adjectives, Verb Patterns
      - English Names
      - and more!

    Organizer and Travel Functions

      - Contact List
      - Memo Book
      - To Do List
      - Important Information on Thailand

    Yet More Functions

      - 11 different calculators, conversion and financial tools!
      - 12 entertaining video games!
      - Local and World Time with Alarm Clock
      - Schedule
      - Anniversary List
      - Memory Management with SMC cards

    Price: $219.95

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