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You can see all Persian(Farsi) software dictionaries & translators here.


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ECTACO Police SpeechGuard PD-4c

Price: $949.95

Category: Talking dictionary
Language pair: English->Arabic; English->Spanish; English->Russian; English->Polish; English->Chinese (Mandarin); English-> Vietnamese; English-> Korean; English-> Japanese; English-> Farsi (Persian)
Vocabulary: 3,000 phrases
Size:98x30x181mm, 3.9x1.2x7.1 in
Battery Type: Li-Polymer rechargeable battery (3.7V, 1800mAh), included

When law and order are in question, one cannot risk using anything other than an ECTACO Police SpeechGuard™! The unit understands thousands of typical police commands spoken in English and is capable of pronouncing the translations in Arabic, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Chinese (Mandarin), Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, and Farsi (Persian). Police work demands from an individual to constantly be on guard, to detect, anticipate and resolve intense and disorderly situations in any community, in any language. So, in instances where misunderstandings are unaffordable, and you are dealing with persons who speak no or little English, use the SpeechGuard™ to ask questions, and to get answers in the form of clear-cut signs and words that YOU can understand.

The unit offers easy, voice prompted topic navigation. The “My SpeechGuard” section will store your personal data and entries. Durable and easy to use, our SpeechGuard™ is the choice of professionals.

Ultimate Linguistic Resource

  • Thousands of typical police commands and phrases on the following topics: Search, Miranda, Crash Scene Investigation, DWI, Stolen Vehicle/Property, Runaway/Missing Persons.
  • User-defined topics and phrases can be added to “My SpeechGuard”
  • English speech recognition
  • Voice output in Arabic, Spanish, Russian, Polish, Chinese (Mandarin), Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, and Farsi (Persian).
  • Search for single words or whole phrases
  • Voice prompted navigation

Additional Features

  • MultiMedia Card slot (Card included) for simplified content replacement and updates
  • Volume Control
  • Touch screen (320x240 pixels)
  • Screen backlight
  • Built-in microphone and 2W high quality speaker
  • Auto Off function will shut off translator when it’s idle
  • Special, two-year warranty!
  • AC adapter is included in the package

Price: $949.95

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ECTACO English <-> Persian(Farsi) Partner EFa400T

Price: $249.95

Category: Talking dictionary
Language pair: English<->Farsi; Farsi<->English
Vocabulary: 450,000 words
Size: 4.6x3.5x0.6 in
Weight: 4 oz
Battery Type: 2 x AAA batteries, included
PC connection Yes

Offering state-of-the-art English speech synthesis, this fully-integrated bidirectional language tool is one of the most versatile and flexible high-performance communication devices currently available for the Farsi language. Incorporating the latest text-to-speech technology, it will certainly become one of your most important and reliable tools for use in fulfilling a wide range of communication requirements. Its more than 450,000 entries make it an effective study aid as well as being one of the most adaptable multipurpose language resources ever.

Effective learning curve

Based on the experience of professional translators working in the field, this English <-> Farsi dictionary utilizes advanced English speech synthesis and includes extensive English grammar references. Providing some of the fastest, most powerful search functions currently available to help you locate the information you need, this absolutely indispensable companion will allow you to considerably improve your ability in written and spoken communications rapidly and effectively.

  • Standard American QWERTY keyboard combined with the Persian (Farsi) keyboard
  • Advanced English speech reproduction. The dictionary includes over 1,100 phrases grouped by topic for easy daily communication
  • Large, 5 line high-resolution graphic screen makes for natural, smooth font appearance that is easy on your eyes.
  • Vector Ultima™ spell-checker allows you to enter words as you hear them and choose a spelling from the list of suggestions
  • Persian numerals available for dictionary and telephone book entries

Added functionality

  • Universal organizer, calculator, business scheduler comply to the highest industry standards
  • Built-in metric and currency converters are indispensable tools for the business traveler
  • AC adapter, PC-link options available; purchased separately

For complete information on this model, please refer to the instruction manual available in PDF format.

In addition to the electronic dictionary itself, included are two replaceable batteries, a carrying and storage pouch, an extra CD with supplementary software applications and the user’s manual.

Price: $249.95

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